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1.23.0 (ref f357c09)Windows32-bitDart SDK
1.23.0 (ref f357c09)Windows64-bitDart SDK
1.23.0 (ref f357c09)Linux32-bitDart SDK
1.23.0 (ref f357c09)Linux64-bitDart SDK
1.23.0 (ref f357c09)LinuxARMv7Dart SDK
1.23.0 (ref f357c09)LinuxARMv8 (ARM64)Dart SDK
1.23.0 (ref f357c09)Mac32-bitDart SDK
1.23.0 (ref f357c09)Mac64-bitDart SDK

1.23.0 – 2017-04-21

Strong Mode

  • Breaking change – it is now a strong mode error if a mixin causes a name conflict between two private members (field/getter/setter/method) from a different library. (SDK issue 28809).

    class A {
    int _x;
    class B {
    int _x;


    import 'lib1.dart';
    class C extends A with B {}
    error • The private name _x, defined by B, conflicts with the same name defined by A at tmp/lib2.dart:3:24 • private_collision_in_mixin_application
  • Breaking change – strong mode will prefer the expected type to infer generic types, functions, and methods (SDK issue 27586).
    main() {
    List<Object> foo = /*infers: <Object>*/['hello', 'world'];
    var bar = /*infers: <String>*/['hello', 'world'];
  • Strong mode inference error messages are improved (SDK issue 29108).
    import 'dart:math';
    test(Iterable/* fix is to add <num> here */ values) {
    num n = values.fold(values.first as num, max);

    Now produces the error on the generic function “max”:

    Couldn't infer type parameter 'T'.
    Tried to infer 'dynamic' for 'T' which doesn't work:
      Function type declared as '(T, T) → T'
                    used where  '(num, dynamic) → num' is required.
    Consider passing explicit type argument(s) to the generic.
  • Strong mode supports overriding fields, @virtual is no longer required (SDK issue 28120).
    class C {
      int x = 42;
    class D extends C {
      int x = 123;
      get y => super.x;
    main() {
      print(new D().x);
      print(new D().y);
  • Strong mode down cast composite warnings are no longer issued by default. (SDK issue 28588).
    void test() {
      List untyped = [];
      List<int> typed = untyped; // No down cast composite warning

    To opt back into the warnings, add the following to the .analysis_options file for your project.

        strong_mode_down_cast_composite: warning

 Core libraries

  • dart:core
    • Added Uri.isScheme function to check the scheme of a URI. Example: uri.isScheme(“http”). Ignores case when comparing.
    • Make UriData.parse validate its input better. If the data is base-64 encoded, the data is normalized wrt. alphabet and padding, and it contains invalid base-64 data, parsing fails. Also normalizes non-base-64 data.
  • dart:io
    • Added functions File.lastAccessed, File.lastAccessedSync, File.setLastModified, File.setLastModifiedSync, File.setLastAccessed, and File.setLastAccessedSync.
    • Added {Stdin,Stdout}.supportsAnsiEscapes.

Dart VM

  • Calls to print() and Stdout.write*() now correctly print unicode characters to the console on Windows. Calls to Stdout.add*() behave as before.

Tool changes

  • Analysis
    • dartanalyzer now follows the same rules as the analysis server to find an analysis options file, stopping when an analysis options file is found:
      • Search up the directory hierarchy looking for an analysis options file.
      • If analyzing a project referencing the Flutter package, then use the default Flutter analysis options found in package:flutter.
      • If in a Bazel workspace, then use the analysis options in package:dart.analysis_options/default.yaml if it exists.
        Use the default analysis options rules.
    • In addition, specific to dartanalyzer:
      • an analysis options file can be specified on the command line via –options and that file will be used instead of searching for an analysis options file.
      • any analysis option specified on the command line (e.g. –strong or –no-strong) takes precedence over any corresponding value specified in the analysis options file.
  • Dartium, dart2js, and DDC
    • Imports to dart:io are allowed, but the imported library is not supported and will likely fail on most APIs at runtime. This change was made as a stopgap measure to make it easier to write libraries that share code between platforms (like package http). This might change again when configuration specific imports are supported.
  • Pub
    • Now sends telemetry data to pub.dartlang.org to allow better understanding of why a particular package is being accessed.
    • pub publish
      • Warns if a package imports a package that’s not a dependency from within lib/ or bin/, or a package that’s not a dev dependency from within benchmark/, example/, test/ or tool/.
      • No longer produces “UID too large” errors on OS X. All packages are now uploaded with the user and group names set to “pub”.
      • No longer fails with a stack overflow when uploading a package that uses Git submodules.
    • pub get and pub upgrade
      • Produce more informative error messages if they’re run directly in a package that uses Flutter.
      • Properly unlock SDK and path dependencies if they have a new version that’s also valid according to the user’s pubspec.
  • dartfmt
    • Support new generic function typedef syntax.
    • Make the precedence of cascades more visible.
    • Fix a couple of places where spurious newlines were inserted.
    • Correctly report unchanged formatting when reading from stdin.
    • Ensure space between and . Code that does this is pathological, but it technically meant dartfmt could change the semantics of the code.
    • Preserve a blank line between enum cases.
    • Other small formatting tweaks.